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Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout

Grubby, discoloured and dirty tiles can quickly make a space look uncared for and unappealing. Whether it’s a residential bathroom or kitchen, or a commercial kitchen, keeping your tiles clean is a must to reduce mould and other harmful bacteria. At A2Z Services, we provide expert, convenient tile cleaning to leave backsplashes, bathrooms, and floors sparkling.

A professional tile and grout clean from A2Z Services will effectively enhance your space, improve sanitary conditions, and put the shine back on your tiles. We use a range of methods suitable for all kinds of tiles to ensure excellent, long-lasting results every time. Call us at A2Z Services today to get a quote for a
professional cleaner at your home or business. We deliver premier tile and grout cleans at competitive prices. 

Professional Grout Cleaning

Professional Grout Cleaning

Your tiles themselves may look clean, but the space in-between each tile is far more difficult to keep spotless. Our specialist cleaning team is equipped with the skills and technology to target grout accurately. We work to leave grouting in pristine condition, especially in areas where mould can quickly and easily form, such as wet rooms, kitchens, and toilets. We use preventative treatments that not only kill off the mould but also stop it from coming back to the same degree.

Whether as a one-off job or as part of a wider
regular cleaning service, we’re the experts when it comes to restoring your grout back to a clean, perfect condition. To hire the trusted name in professional cleaning services, call us at A2Z Services today.


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What tiles can you clean?

Our cleaning team is trained to clean all kinds of tiles, from delicate vintage floor tiles through to bathroom and kitchen ceramic tiles. Get in touch today to discuss what we can do for your specific property tiles.

Do you remove mould from tiles?

One of the key services we provide is removing mould in and around tiles, as well as providing treatments to prevent mould from reoccurring as frequently.

Can I include tile cleaning as a regular service?

We offer tile and grout cleaning as a part of our regular services for many of our customers, and we’d be happy to do that same for you. We also offer one-off deep cleans if this is something you’re considering for your home or property.