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Restore Your Hardwood Floors

Restore Your Hardwood Floors

Timber flooring may seem like an easy alternative to carpet for your property, but consistent care and cleaning are still required to make the most of it. A2Z Cleaning specialises in the cleaning, stripping, sealing, and polishing of hard floors. We ensure all residue from installation is carefully removed and polish your floors to a beautiful shine for a lasting result that you’ll love. Combined with our stripping and sealing services, your hardwood floors can last longer and look better. To effectively reduce the signs of wear and tear and minimise the need for deep cleaning, call us at A2Z Services today.

Floor Stripping & Sealing

Floor Stripping & Sealing

Alongside our standard cleaning and polishing services for hardwood flooring, our expert team of professionals can also strip and reseal existing floors. This helps to remove any surface damage or signs of wear and tear, leaving your floor protected and sealed against damage. With a mirror-shine finish and our regular cleaning services, you can keep your hard flooring in top condition for even longer.

Whether you have existing hard floors in need of TLC, or you’ve just installed timber floors, and you’d like a regular cleaning service, A2Z Services is the ideal choice. We ensure your floors look better than ever, using the finest materials and technology on the market for exceptional results our customers love.

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Does my hard flooring need to be sealed?

We always recommend cleaning, stripping and resealing hard flooring to improve its longevity and reduce wear and tear. You can get in touch with us today if you want to learn more about why we always recommend sealing your hard floors.

Can you strip old hard flooring?

If you’ve just moved into a property with hard flooring that needs some extra care, we’re the team to call. We use a range of techniques to restore flooring, allowing us to tailor our service to your exact needs.

How often does my floor need resealing?

That can depend on several factors, including how much your floor is being used. Getting in touch with our team is the best place to start for a personalised recommendation.

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