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For professional Alice Springs pest control services, contact A2Z Services today. Fully insured, we are experienced pest control technicians committed to providing our valued clients with first class services and customer care.

Don't put up with potentially harmful, unwanted guests and take advantage of our affordable pest management services. We have various pest control methods at our disposal and will use the most suitable and effective approach for your environment and infestation. As a part of your tenancy agreement you may be required to undertake a pest control service to ensure the return of your bond. Bundle your Alice Springs carpet cleaning with a pest control treatment to receive a tailored package that suits your individual needs.

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Using moisture-meter technology our technicians can detect the presence of termites without causing damage to your home.

If termite activity is detected, we will issue you with a written report detailing the location of the termite activity and recommendations for treatment. We have different options available for the treatment and prevention of termites within your home or workplace.

Our termite services include:

  • Inspections
  • Written report
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Deterrent and eradication treatments
  • Exterra baiting and monitoring systems


Rodents come inside to seek shelter, warmth, food and water. They are happy to make themselves at home and quick to add to their family once they have laid claim to the territory.

You will know you have rodent activity by the presence of droppings, smear marks on walls and the noise they make when you are trying to sleep. You can often hear them when they gnaw on wood, metal and cabling and when they scurry about the house. Not only do rodent infestations pose a risk to your health with their spread of disease and parasites, they can also cause costly repairs to your property. It is recommended you organise professional treatment as soon as possible to avoid damage to your home or property.

At A2Z Services we can assist you with different treatment options to eradicate your rodent problem.

Bees & Wasps

Aside from being a nuisance, bees and wasps can be particularly hazardous to human beings when they attack. Bee and wasp stings can trigger an allergic reaction in some people (with some people unaware they are allergic). It is advisable to eliminate the potential for stings by regularly inspecting the exterior of your home for nests. We can assist you with the safe and proper method for removal. Even people who are not allergic are at risk as a colony of bee or wasp stings can cause an extreme medical reaction within the human body.


The Northern Territory is home to some pretty dangerous pests, including the Mouse spider, Wolf spider and the redback spider. Bites from these common species can have a severe impact on your health and well-being with the potential for ongoing complications. To keep your property spider and web-free, we provide spider pest control services at competitive prices. We use non-odorous and environmentally friendly sprays in the effective eradication of common household spiders.

If you are bitten by a spider, seek immediate medical attention and where possible, collect the spider for positive identification.

Common species found in Alice Springs:

  • Black House spider
  • Huntsman spider
  • Mouse spider
  • Redback spider
  • Wolf spider


Ants are always the uninvited guests at dinner. They seem to appear out of nowhere and arrive in the hundreds. Ants not only bring an uncomfortable bite and sting to the table, they also spread disease as they track unsanitary organisms into your home. These remarkable excavators can also cause damage to areas in and around your property.

To keep these pests at bay we provide an effective barrier to your property and use specialised pesticide formulas to eradicate any existing infestations.


Protect your health and that of your loved ones by investing in cockroach pest control today. Cockroaches are bacteria carrying pests renowned for spreading nasty bugs such as salmonella and gastroenteritis. Unless a preventative treatment is put in place, cockroaches will invade even the cleanest of properties in search of food and habitat.

Our services successfully treat all types of cockroaches, including the common German and American species. We eradicate cockroaches and create a barrier to keep other cockroaches away.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations occur close to sleeping areas such as under mattresses and floorboards, in carpets and skirting boards, as well as within bedframes and furniture. An infestation is usually large and can be detected by an odd smell in the room. Bed bugs bite and cause skin reactions. Some people are unaware of the bite, while others may break out in lesions, welts and itchy, inflamed skin. It has been suggested that bites from bed bugs can result in an allergic response and stimulate asthmatic reactions. At A2Z Services we can effectively eradicate any bed bug infestation from your home with the use of specially formulated insecticides. To complement this chemical treatment we advise all infested clothing, bedding and other fabric items be cleaned in hot water and where possible, put through a hot cycle in a clothes dryer.

Ticks & Fleas

Ticks and fleas are parasites that love to make themselves at home in your home, on your pet and on you. Not only are they an uncomfortable irritant, they can also transmit nasty bacterias and diseases, and are often fatal to their animal hosts. Ticks and fleas thrive inside the home and outdoors in grass, bush areas and on other animals. We provide a tick and flea treatment for the home, workplace and outdoor areas, to properly eradicated tick and flea activity.

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